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"I've been running Trailtours for over 15 years and we have to wash about 350 bikes a month. I have tried every cleaner I can find and ZOOM is the first cleaner I've found that my employees actually like using. It's easy, fast and does a great job. It's affordable too!" 

- Steve Weykamp, Owner Trailtours Dirtbike and ATV School

  Pontypool ON

"I bought some ZOOM originally to wash my motorcycles and it works great for that. However, I also decided to try using it on other things such as my camper trailer and other outdoor items. It works so well at cleaning the black streaks, mildew and algae, that I threw away all the specialty RV cleaners, as I just don't need them any more."
- K. Smith, Orangeville ON

"Yeah mate, we tried the (ZOOM) bike wash detergent and it works really good - it got all of the gunge off the bikes really easy, and the plastics all came up with a nice shine following the wash session!!! Looking forward to going roosting in the mud again!

Keep on Roosting!"

-Shane Watts
  DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs

"ZOOM really is as good as you said. I love it. Funny thing...I don't think it is as harsh on your hands either...I always feel like I have to wash my hands again after using (competitors brand)."

- Grant L. Dartmouth NS.

"We are a high volume RV and car dealership chain with 5 locations. We've been using ZOOM for over a year now with very good results. Our staff clean approximately 100 Camping trailers and about 100 cars per month on average. ZOOM has reduced our cleaning times and costs substantially on both the cars and trailers, and it does a great job. We're now recommending it to our customers."


-Chris Boutilier

 Parts and Service Manager

 Camp Mart 401 Auto/RV

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